“Very very funny. A great read by an exciting new author who obviously sees the humour, or is that humor, in life.” P.R. Aviation Manager

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5,806 Responses to FLYGIRL ADVENTURES

  1. chocks away guys !

  2. Chocks Away indeed!! Well done, what an Adventure!

    Ron Parker says:

    Loved it. I was up there with you (in spirit) Now for the real thing!

    Johnny English says:

    Anita, you have done more in each chapter than most people in their lives! Such awesome stuff, I usually have to have a lie-down after reading………….

    Jeni Vine says:

    I loved reading this story of a woman finding her way in such a man’s world. And doing it all with such a spirit of awe at the beauty of nature.

    Ruth Mills says:

    A fantastic insight into private and commercial flying with atmospheric descriptions of extreme places the world over… a great read!

    Rosamunde Cumming says:

    An amazing collection of global adventures…. such an incredible lady sharing with us her personal Reach for the Sky….truly inspirational!

    Sandy Chapman says:

    Totally enjoyed your flying experiences and envy you so very much!!! Thank you for writing the book!

    Sarah B. Marsh-Rebelo says:

    Each evening after the day slowed down I could barely wait to open the next chapter in your amazing autobiography. You had me laughing one moment and saddened the next by the state of affairs in this world. You have lived, so far, with such panache. Well done! You write with exquisite lyricism, almost poetry at times when you talk about the England you love so, and the profession to which you have aspired. You Dad would be so proud. Lovely to see the photos of your Mum in the early years. When are they going to make a film about your exploits? Congratulations. With affection, Sarah B. Marsh-Rebelo

  3. Hiya, Finished it Smilie: :-) Loved every bit, but especially the Ireland stories, I can agree with you on all you put, as I have travelled often there for work, and had similar experiences. Cheers Martin (met at Sywell 2012)

  4. Really liked what you had to say in your post, Flygirl Adventures | An Autoflyography, thanks for the good read!
    — Rubi

  5. Hi Anita,
    You very kindly signed a copy of your book for me at The Victory Show in Cosby last September. I’ve not put it down since, i don’t know how many times i’ve read it, i just can’t leave it alone. I have another book i’d like you to sign for me if we ever meet again, its about the making of Piece Of Cake by LWT. I intened to get as many autographs as i can.
    Thank you so much.
    Andy. x

  6. Recently did book signing and speech on board Queen Mary 2. Book still available at Autin Macauley. Releasing U Tube video very soon, watch this space ! ANITA

    Sandy Chapman says:

    Loved the book! Yes, a movie should be in the making! You have such enthusiasm for life & flying.

    Michael Hough says:

    Hey Anita
    This book is a great read, your descriptions of our natural environment are wonderful, your humor and wit priceless. I could not put it down, only problem I did the read on a kindle on cellphone so couldn’t see the pics very well. Would like someday to get a paper copy. If ever in upstate NY, 12860 zipcode, please do a very low flyover.
    All the best.