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The first, non fiction book from Berkshire based English literature graduate Anita Mays, a finalist in the ‘People’s Author’ competition on BBC’s  Alan Titchmarsh show. She has been a pilot for the last twenty years, her book is a really fun, sparkly read.   She employs her incisive verbal quip to produce stories  full of adventure, keen observation of character with  dry ‘tongue in cheek’ humour.   Tired of hearing “God you really should write this down” whenever she told her flying stories, she finally did  and here is a new type of book  – the ‘Autoflyography!’

There’s  plenty for the enthusiast  because she worked for a company who bought and sold vintage aircraft, made films (including James Bond) and flew in air shows. She even ferried a world war two bomber over the Atlantic,  flew it in a TV series and acquired a seaplane licence.

Enjoy the  observation of  people (all nationalities)  who are just ‘out there’ – taxi drivers, conspiracy theorists, mercenaries, security guards, handling agents, and a myriad of interesting fellow crew members, and then passengers from Joe Bloggs on  ‘bucket and spade’ flights to billionaires on private jets.  It is funny, light hearted and easy going. There is a good mix  – flying instructing, biz jets,  war birds, TV/film work,  sea and  bush planes,  celebs (obnoxious, weird and delightful) and descriptions of many destinations world wide .

Even for those non aviators there’s plenty to get stuck into.  Because of the exclusive element  of private jet travel there’s  just a sprinkling of ‘celeb’ content as she jets off  to Skibo Castle with ‘The Apprentice’, takes Posh and Becks to Cannes, Thierry Henri to Barcelona, Kate Winslet to Madrid, Rod Stewart on tour  and the Rolling Stones to Berlin!

It is a unique glimpse into a male dominated industry. But most of all, (and Anita saves this ‘til the end)  it is a celebration of the extraordinary and often unfathomable beauty of our world. The biggest treasure has been the  view of this magnificent  planet which that hard earned seat up in the sky, has afforded her.

It has several excellent drawings by Gray Jolliffe, the Daily Mail’s  famous cartoonist, as well as many photographs.

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