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From Fly Past Magazine March 2012:  PAGE TURNERS

Failing to make the grade as an air hostess certainly did not put Anita Mays off. Instead she learned to fly, became a flying instructor and eventually made a living as an executive jet pilot for the world’s rich and famous. In this entertaining account, she looks back  on some extraordinary experiences in aviation from all round the world.  From flying freight to piloting film and corporate VIP’s, she paints a livley picture of her career…..Anita’s captivating and sometimes humourous reminiscences prove that with dedication and talent, the SKY TRULY IS THE LIMIT.


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5.0 out of 5 stars High flight indeed!, 19 Feb 2012

Review from Amazon by ‘Fairford Flyer’
This review is from: Flygirl Adventures: An Autoflyography (Paperback)

You might think reveiwing a book after reading just seventy pages is a little strange,but this book deserves to be praised. You could dismiss this book on face value,but you would be missing out on some of the best aviation prose I’ve read in a long time. Believe me I’ve read hundreds of flying boooks and this comes close to the late, great Neil Williams book ‘Airborne’in the way flight is described,an example? try flying on Christmas Day in a ‘borrowed! ‘plane,to the music of Pink Floyd’s “Shine on you crazy diamond”. Why do people fly?, read this and find out.

5.0 out of 5 stars You have to read this…, 12 Mar 2012

This review is from: Flygirl Adventures: An Autoflyography (Paperback)

this is one of the most entertaining books I have ever read, not only if you are interested in aviation but lifes rich tapestry….such a profound study of life at the high end …she makes her characters come to life through the pages and her style of writing is nothing short of inspirational – could not put the book down…..I would love to meet her she’s amazing….!

5.0 out of 5 stars Lovely Lovely Read, Great Book., 20 April 2012
By Goldmember 001

All I can say about this book is that what a wonderful adventure, you must read it, made laugh, cry and sometimes on the edge of my seat, some of the stuff Antia went through, plus the way she has expressed and written the detail, feels like your in the seat next to her flying, this should be a film, I just could not put the book down, great great read.

5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic book, 26 April 2012
By Judy Nilsson

One of the most enjoyable books I have ever read. An interesting, intelligent and laugh out loud funny insight into the world of private flying. From flight school to executive jet pilot Anita has done it all with great aplomb


Hi Aneeda,

I’m afraid your book keeps me awake at night!    Its by my bedside and I can’t put it down. Its extremely funny, compelling, irreverent, shows great insight.

Your succinct descriptions of the wonderful views and sights when airborne are superb.  They bring back memories of the beauty few groundborne mortals are privileged to experience.

I hope you have started writing the next book.

Penny Fitt
Anita, I am loving your book, what an adventure, hilarious. Our family home was in Meltham, my sis and I used to ride passed DB tractors. Dr Evil!!! definitely needs sorting out, but what great characters and what fun

Ruth Mills
enjoying your book and reading all your antics. two thirds of way through and don’t want it to be over, particularly love all your atmospheric descriptions of places you,ve been,  Well done!

Carrie Wells
love the book,  memories of good times, I love your infectious enthusiasm, your descriptions and it makes me smile.   Even Lawrence loves it and he doesn’t do books!

Helen Wilkie
 the book is absolutely brilliant.

Cherie Warwick
 the book is GREAT!

Caroline Willi
Hi Anita,
I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your book! Great job.   Smilie: :)    I sure wish you lived closer so I could hear some of the stories that didn’t make it into print – I’m sure you have lots of those!!

I especially loved this sentence (p. 229): ‘He held such an impossibly high note at the end, it was as though miniscule winged fairies were tiptoeing in teeny satin ballet shoes up the tightrope of his string as he beckoned them ever further towards that high point’               Just lovely.

Barbara Lamb
I’ve just finished your ‘unputdownable’ autobiography, which I found both contemplative and laugh-out-loud amusing in equal measure.   You have an excellent  turn of phrase, and your exceptional powers of description, much as an artist’s palette brought the whole canvas so vividly to life for me.   I thought it was wonderful, a roller – coaster of a read, and I would recmmend it whole heartedly to anyone.


Chris Davey
Hi Anita,
Please excuse the informality. I bought your book via Kindle, and I will be honest, I was not expecting much. It’s so easy to get in the aviation section and download the latest offering from Captain Buck Danvers, retired US pilot, or his brother, CaptainFortescue-Fotheringay late of B.O.A.C. I wade through the badly edited fishing stories, or worse, the badly edited tales of adventures with cabin crew (but oddly, never with Julien, the steward, why is that!?), for the few interesting bits. Can you imagine the joy when I quickly discovered that not only can you write, but even your fishing story was fun!! Not only that, you employed an editor. Before you ask, no, I am not an editor, but mine is a genius: sow’s ears and silk purses come to mind.Anita, you will probably never be recognised for the genius you are, but I honestly believe that your descriptive writing is some of the best, if not the best, aviation writing I have ever read, and believe me, I have read the lot. You could go up against Lewis or Gann any day. As for dear old nutty Dick Bach, he should come to you for lessons in creative writing. You only have yourself to blame if I nick some of your lines for my next book!

I am seriously impressed. I believe you have a degree in English Lit. It does show, but being an expert in literature does not make you good at it. What you have is a gift. So you have told your story, where are you going with your writing now? Can we expect to see more? I am sure you know by now that writing won’t make you rich, but with a talent like yours, who cares about the cash?

Bravo! Brilliant effort. let’s see more.

Hello Anita,
We met a few weeks ago at John & Andrea’s party in Marbella and we had a brief chat about your book. Anyrate I immediately downloaded it on to my Kindle as holiday reading. I have now just returned from a 15 day safari to Kenya and yours was the only book I read.
What a fascinating and absorbing tale and extremely well written, it was pure entertainment throughout and kept me guessing trying to figure out who were some of the “characters” you were writing about.

How life would have been so different if just one of those 11 original airlines had offered you a job as “Doors to Automatic”.
Life is for living to the full, as it is not a dress rehearsal, and you appear to have achieved that by the bucket load and I hope are still doing!

I understand from Andrea that you are now off to Thailand for a sailing adventure for a couple of weeks, I hope you have a great trip.
All the best

Dear Anita Mays,
Anita, having spoken to you briefly at your book-signing, I wonder if you recognise just how much my fellow passengers on Aurora enjoyed your talks and savoured your words. You had a good turnout at each talk, certainly – but around the ship you were discussed and thoroughly appreciated. So do do more of it if you feel you want to. I imagine that you probably tripled the audience that you saw in front of you with the televised broadcasts.

I think the chap who asked you to talk a bit about yourself was right. I spoke to you just after your initial talk and told you how well it was coming over. You have a warmth that radiates and your audience really responded to that. I thought it was just great the way you referred to your ‘ Hosties ‘ and I can just picture the highly professional team you led – as well as the really happy times you all must have had when you could leave the professional discipline to one side and relax.

Thank you for giving so many of us so much to interest and stimulate – and yes, to thoroughly amuse us with on our holiday. Your mimicry was superb – you clearly have an ear for accents and an excellent recall of conversations you have been party to.

With kind regards,
Patrick Gold
(October 2015)

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